Warrah Society

Reflecting on the highlights of 2018, the principal feelings are of gratitude for all the support we get from our community, and of pride in the work that we do to serve and support both our Farm Shop customers and our clients living with disabilities.

This year we undertook a major project to renovate the shop, extend our range and increase our reach – providing top quality organic and biodynamic produce, groceries, fresh meat and sourdough bread to around 500 people each week. In addition to regular customers in the shop, this includes members of various co-ops, Billabong Retreat’s kitchen and Warrah’s ten residential houses for supported independent living. Activities like bagging salad mix, weighing fruit and veg, packing the van and making deliveries all provide opportunities for Warrah’s young adult clients to be actively engaged and productive members of our enterprise.

On the Farm, summer has arrived in style with some beautiful warm sunny days nicely ripening our tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Our beans and basil are now in full swing and the strawberries continue to abound. There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh strawberries from our garden! Our first cherry tomatoes are now being picked and the eggplants are not too far away. Exciting times in the new greenhouses – which miraculously stood up to the recent rough weather! While everyone is thinking about the rest and festivities associated with Christmas, the farm focuses our attention further ahead on the amazing abundance that will greet us in January 2019.

We thank our customers for their ongoing support and interest in our farm and its various enterprises. Remember that we are open until 3pm on Christmas Eve this year. We’ll be taking a short break to make even more improvements to the store and we will see you again on 10 January 2019.