Warrah Farm Shop

On a different note, we are all aware from recent media coverage that farmers across the country are struggling. Australian conditions – from extreme heat to bush fires, drought and wild storms – have heavily affected growing regions in South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. We are seeing the impact on the entire produce market, but especially in terms of availability of leafy greens. Now, more than ever farmers are grateful for your support.

We too are sorry to report that we have seen a few losses in the paddock and our nursery recently. Mainly affected is the salad mix and our next succession of cucumbers and zucchinis – planted and then quickly wiped out in the heat of mid-January. We are fortunate in that plant growth is still rapid at this time of the year, and so we will recover before too long. We ask for your patience and hope that we can get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

Something positive from the garden has been the abundance of tomatoes from our new poly tunnels. The extra protection from the elements and fruit fly has seen us produce some outstandingly flavourful cherry and black Roma varieties this year. Our large heirlooms are now also being harvested and should be around for the next couple of months.

We are now sowing crops ready for the cooler months – coriander, leeks, cabbages, among others, ready for planting out in the not too distant future. We hope to see you around the farm soon.

There was a bit of excitement around our usually peaceful campus recently with a visit from the ‘’Your Money’’ media channel. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse on screen of some of the sites from around the Farm and the Shop! You can watch this video on our facebook page.