Vote 1 Greens Into the Balance of Power for Integrity and Action


By Tania Salitra

Greens Senate candidate David Shoebridge is a former barrister and Greens MP in the NSW Parliament.

For over 11 years, David has held State politicians to account as the Chair and Deputy Chair of various parliamentary enquiries into government grants rorts, public accountability, law and justice.

David Shoebridge is a strong and consistent voice in the fight for renewable energy and action on climate change, justice, equality and fairness.

By voting 1 Greens in the Senate, The Greens have a strong chance of being in the balance of power. This means we can negotiate for what’s important – urgent and real action on climate change, taxing billionaires and corporations who pay less tax than nurses, including dental and mental health in Medicare, making sure our children can afford to buy a home, and holding politicians to account. The Greens in the balance of power will create a greener, fairer, more caring Australia.

House of Representatives Candidate Tania Salitra has a background in Australian manufacturing management and small business. As a local mum and councillor, Tania is passionate about creating a better future for our children and stopping the wasteful spending of the past 8 years.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote – you are in full control of where your vote goes. If your 1st choice doesn’t win, then your 2nd or 3rd etc is counted until someone wins.


Ready for respect and integrity in federal parliament?
It’s time to vote 1 Greens.