UnitingCare Galston Early Learning Centre

It’s a New Year at Galston Early Learning Centre, the educators have come back from their holidays ready to start with enthusiasm and inspiration.

The children have shown a great interest in the progress of our vegetable garden over the past month and we have been focusing to embed our sustainable practises for 2016.

Late 2015 the children started to plant our vegetable / herb garden and can now see what has happened to the small pumpkin seeds that they have been watering every few days since December. We currently have a lovely pumpkin growing in our garden almost due for harvest, as well as some tomatoes and a variety of herbs. In a few weeks’ time the children and our Cook will harvest what is ready from our garden to cook and use the produce in our daily lunches.

The children are also involved in assisting with looking after our worm farm and compost bin. On a daily basis the children are able to collect the food scraps from their meal times and are then able to place them either in our compost bin or feed them to our worms. We believe this process is a very important link to our natural environment for children to learn to respect, understand and be active contributors to our community as they assist in looking after our natural surroundings.

Here at Galston Early Learning Centre we strongly believe that there is an importance for children to be a part of embedding sustainable practises into theireveryday life and we hope that they continue to share these practices with their families back at home.

If you would like to come and have a look at the centre or ask any questions regarding our Educational Program please feel free to contact the Centre Director Daniela Balmer on 9653 1475.