Still Creek Landcare: Tree Hollows and Wildlife Boxes

By Nick Chartorisky

A finger of air surrounded by wood, I’m not really there, but golly I’m good; I’m nothing but space, but space can be filled, And my mere existence stops things from being killed.

Over one hundred years it will take me to form, For an hour, or decades I’ll keep something warm. So many beings use me for safety and shelter, Where they’re safe and snug from the rain and the swelter; Goanna and tree frog, python, corella, Boobook, black-cockatoo or a rosella, Possum and glider, small bat and woodswallow Have you guessed what I am? I’m a tree hollow! – Alexander Dudley

I’ve heard a bit of chatter in our community asking for help on how to remove creatures from our roofs.

I’ve heard the pleas from others, after hearing and seeing chainsaws and dozers clearing the scrub, asking that we leave some room or have consideration for the creatures that inhabit our backyards and bushland.

I’ll not buy into any arguments or make any judgments but would like to propose a couple of humble solutions.

Offer the critters a place to live that’s not in your roof. Leave your old trees up, especially if they have hollows forming.

If you think the trees are in poor health or dangerous condition, get an arborist in to help keep the trees useful and beautiful and it won’t cost as much as removing the trees.

And if you have the desire, hang some wildlife boxes. Still Creek Landcare have a number of used boxes available in various states of decay but all still functional.

If you would like to reserve a Wildlife Boxes, send us an email using the address below. If you would like help or further information, contact Nick on 9653 2056, via email [email protected] or visit Still Creek Landcare at or on Facebook.