Tips for Selling Your Home This Winter

When selling in winter, it’s essential to ensure your home looks its best and stands out, especially without the benefits of warmer weather and natural light. Here are several tips for selling your property this chilly season.

First things first, temperature.
It seems so simple but the best advice for selling your home in winter is to remember that it’s cold outside. Ensure your home is nice and warm to create a good first impression on buyers and instantly make them feel welcome. If you are lucky enough to have a woodburning stove or fireplace, now is the time to put it to good use.

Let there be light.
Light is a major consideration for prospective buyers, and in winter, it’s crucial to address the reduced sunlight due to the lower sun. With fewer sunrays, focus on the current lighting situation and ask yourself—is it bright enough? This is super important to ensure no areas appear gloomy, as this can deter buyers and affect the sale price.

Make buyers feel warm and fuzzy.
Everyone enjoys feeling warm and cosy in winter, so ensure your home’s interior gives off this vibe during the open house. Achieve this by layering textures and fabrics that help retain heat.

You can even make your floors cosy by using plush rugs. Add extra cushions, blankets, and throws in wool or faux fur to living areas and bedrooms and consider using warm winter colours when it comes to staging your home. You’re aiming to draw in those prospective buyers so it’s important to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, particularly during the colder months.

Don’t overlook the outside.
Most real estate agents will tell you that buyers prefer homes with well-maintained outdoor areas and backyards, as these are significant selling points. While prospective buyers may not expect lush lawns and blooming gardens, well-kept outdoor spaces can still boost the sale price.

Maximise kerb appeal.
During winter inspections, buyers will enter the home quickly to get out of the cold. They will then carefully inspect the exterior of the home.

Pay particular attention to the front door area, this is the first area buyers will see, so it’s super important you ensure its spick and span. If your house looks tired, try adding new house numbers, plants, lights, or a doormat to freshen it up. A fresh coat of paint or stain can also go a long way to creating a strong and lasting first impression.

Clean, declutter and deodorise.
Like when selling at any time of year, it’s a no-brainer to clean and declutter your house. This maximises its appeal to potential buyers and helps them better envisage themselves living in the space.

It might be a cold and uninviting space at this time of year, but potential buyers will still want to check out the garage. Keep your home clean by storing bulky items off-site and tidying up any remaining items to reduce clutter.

Bring some greenery in.
Even though most of the leaves have fallen, it’s a great idea to add some greenery to your home for an open home.

A vase of fresh flowers can make the space look and smell amazing and is a great tip for selling your home.

They will make the space look and smell amazing. You can add more succulents or plants to create a warmer, wintery vibe in your home. Just make sure they match the overall look you’re going for.

The process of selling can feel daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. Speak to your local Belle Property real estate agent Carolyn Wheatley today – 0407 120 483.