Time for Summer Mulching in your Garden

Mulching is one of the most beneficial things you can do to better garden health this summer.

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface of garden beds and pots either when initially planting your plants or to maintain your existing garden beds.

The main benefits of mulching your garden include helping to reduce soil moisture loss through evaporation. We haven’t always got time to water and therefore a mulched garden stays moist for much longer helping protect your precious plants from drying out.

Mulch insulates the soil which protects the roots from extreme summer temperatures. Also, mulch such as sugar can decompose over time which improves the overall health of the soil.


When it comes to weed control, mulch can help control weed seeds from germination and growth. Let’s face it, anything that can save us from weeding on the weekends is a bonus. The other benefit of mulching is that your garden beds look well cared for and it gives the garden beds a uniform look.

Mulches are available in many forms with the major types of mulch either organic or inorganic. Organic Mulches include wood chips, bark chips, sugar cane mulch, compost mixes, and a variety of other products usually derived from plants.

Organic mulches decompose in the landscape at different rates depending on the material, climate, and soil microorganisms present. The mulches that decompose faster must be replenished more often as they are improving the soil quality and fertility and this may be preferable especially when used in the vege patch.

Inorganic mulches are those which don’t break down and can offer a more permanent solution to mulching. These include products such as stones and pebbles and also fabric mulches such as weed matting.

Stones used as mulch are also an excellent solution for the top of a pot just to make it look nice and also keep the potting mix from spilling out when watering.

We have a wide variety of mulches on offer when you visit Sydneys Plant Market, and our qualified staff can help you select the appropriate mulch to suit your needs. They can also give you tips on how to apply your selected mulch.

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