This Will Set You Free

John enjoyed the time he spent with his mates at the local club. Shopping at his local Center was his other passion. He was deprived of his social life when his driving licence was taken away from him. John found walking a couple of hundred meters a great challenge. He disliked depending on others for his daily club and shopping Center visits. John was too determined to give up what is important to his life. He rediscovered his mobility, independence and social life with his new found partner, Everest, his mobility scooter.

A mobility scooter means different things to different people. For some, like John, Everest is his primary mode of daily transport. For others, it’s a portable convenience they carry in the boot of their car, to be used at Shopping Malls, Flower Shows, Exhibitions or in a Cruise on Holidays. For some, therefore its weight and functionality are very significant. As Helen said, its her new pair of legs, that guarantees her independence and offers her dignity. Its of paramount importance to think about what you expect from a mobility scooter and discuss with your family members as well as your health care professionals before you get one. Once you have decided, find the one that meets your unique situations at your local mobility store.

It’s a not a great idea to put off the decision to get a mobility scooter for a long time after you discontinued your regular driving. This may adversely impact your ability to coordinate and drive a scooter confidently. A responsible Mobility Scooter Provider would ensure that the potential user is capable operating and taking care of the scooter for his own and the safety of the general public. John said while losing his driving licence was a difficult one to digest, he said that was the responsible thing to do. His decision to transition to a mobility scooter helped him realise that it was easier to drive than a car and it did really set him free.

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