There’s an APP for that…

With Seniors week coming up in April, I thought we should have a look at some of the useful Apps for Seniors. Not a Senior? Read on. I think you will find these suggestions very useful.

If you have an iPad wifi+cellular it will also have a GPS receiver in it. Using the native GPS function along with various other tools to improve speed a location fix can be obtained. As long as you have the maps downloaded, the iPad will be able to position you on the map. Even if you have no wifi or cellular signal. This was recently very useful when we were travelling to Longreach in Qld. I downloaded the Hema App which is definitely not a $2.00 App but perfect if you’re planning to travel around Australia.

Whilst you’re travelling maybe check out some of the Facebook Groups. I am a member of Country Pub Camping which has over 38,000 members. It’s a great way to find out about alternative places to stay.

Research shows that it is important we do some regular brain training as we get older. Although by learning how to use your device you are brain training, there are also specific Apps just for this purpose. Lumosity is one of them. It is designed to give you different activities to help stimulate your brain and monitors your improvement. If nothing else it can be a lot of fun but be aware there is a cost involved.

There are over 2 million apps available. These are just a few that I have found throughout the years of helping people with their Apple devices and computers.

If you are struggling to understand your Apple device please call me at 0418 296 217 and we can discuss One to One classes. This is individual tuition where I come to you.