There’s an app for that… Let’s personalise your Emojis!

I have been having a bit of fun with my own personal Memoji (Apple) and Bitmoji (Bitstrips Inc.) Apps. Both Apps work in a similar way although, Memoji is automatically installed (depending on your Apple phone version), and with Bitmoji you will need to go to the App store to download.

The idea is that you can produce a personal Emoji which looks a bit like yourself. I did feel the Bitmoji App gave you more options, including adding my grey hair and I probably should have added a few more wrinkles. I have to say, I tried both Apps and it was quite fun. When you message people from your mobile phone, or tablet, you are able to use the personal emoji to express how you feel, instead of the classic emojis that we are used to. NB: Memoji will only work with Apple devices whilst Bitmoji works with both.

On the Apple devices you are also able to use Animoji with your image which means you can add speech with your mouth moving in time. Just another thing to have fun with, or maybe waste your time with, depending on how you look at it.

There are over 2 million apps available. These are just a few that I have found throughout the years of helping people with their Apple devices and computers.

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