Have you ever been travelling with friends and would really like to share some of the photos you have taken during the day. You could text them or even email them but the problem is you have no internet service. This is quite common if you are in a foreign country or on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

For those of you who have Apple devices you can use Airdrop to send the photos to your friends. To enable this to happen you need to make sure your Wifi and Bluetooth are on. Note the Wifi doesn’t have to be connected to any service. If you are unsure if your Airdrop is on open up your Control Centre and press and hold on the Wifi button. Tap on either Contact only or everyone to turn Airdrop on.

Then go to your photos and select the ones you wish to send. Instead of tapping on messages or email, tap onto the Airdrop symbol. Your friends will need to be nearby and their iPhone or iPad name should show up on your device. A peer to peer connection is created between the devices.

Your friends then get the choice to accept the picture(s) which are then automatically put into their Photos App.

The real benefit of Airdrop is that you only have to take one picture of the group instead of multiples on different devices. (Of course, this only works if everyone has an iPhone or iPad). Enjoy sharing!

There are over 2 million Apps available. These are just a few that I have found throughout the years of helping people with their Apple devices and computers.

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