The Hills Annual Charity Gala Ball will support a foster care charity

Some of the 20,000 foster children across NSW are struggling to live a safe life, sometimes due to domestic violence, drugs, and neglect.

Award-winning restaurant Biviano’s Dural, recognised this issue and will raise more than $35,000 for non-for-profit organisation Foster Care Angels at the coming “The Hills Annual Charity Gala Ball” on Thursday, August 15, 2019.

Foster Care Angels advocates for disadvantaged foster children who are victims of trauma or are struggling within the foster care system. Services include providing therapy dogs, counselling and foster family training.

“We do not receive any recurrent funding, so we rely on the support of our community and generous businesses to continue to deliver our unique support programs’’ founder Kelly Doyle said.

FCA has a yearly goal is to provide 3,500 care packages for 0 to 17-year-olds.

“On their 18th birthday, a time that should be celebrated, it is often met with fear and uncertainty, with little or no familial support, it is incredibly difficult for this cohort to adjust to adulthood”, she said.

Mrs Doyle and co-founder Glen Gillman will speak at the gala ball.

Foster Care Angels chair, Erica Westbury will also speak, along with ambassadors, Alicia and Chris Vrasaljko.

Biviano’s marketing manager, Mag, said the charity’s prioritisation of foster childrens’ welfare empowered him to contact the charity and learn more about what they do.

“What resonated at Biviano’s is FCA’s focus on the relationship between the foster parents, foster children and family’s children’’ Mag said.

Bivianos is the fine dining jewel of The Hills, and the dress code for the gala ball will be black and white. The cost is $130 per person. The event will begin at 6pm for a 7pm start for a fun night to support FCA.

To book tickets visit www., For more information on Foster Care Angels contact [email protected].