The Friends of Fagan Park

All the furnishings, curtains, paintings, lampshades and small items were returned to Netherby Homestead by late July, and it is once again open to the public. Thanks to all our volunteers who assisted – it was a big job washing and ironing all the bedding, tablecloths, and the large number of doilies. It certainly looks its sparkling best now.

Work has continued on the International truck project, and one of our members has almost completed a laminated timber rim for the steering wheel. We have found, however, that the steering wheel centre that we have (the metal part known as a ‘spider’), is in fact from a Model T Ford. Although quite usable, we will try to find a correct one. We are also well advanced in refurbishing the water pump that we were so lucky to obtain.

Did you know that the windmill in the heritage area has been standing there since the 1930’s? It was delivered new to Sam Fagan C/O Hornsby Railway Station (you can still see this written in crayon on some steelwork from all those years ago), and erected over the well upon which it still stands (see photo). It is “Coo-ee” brand, made by John Danks & Sons, and was returned to full functionality by us about 10 years ago. The well itself is at least 8m deep – that was the length of the pipe we had to raise to replace the footvalve, about 3m diameter, and lined with stone. Just consider how much work it would have been digging such a big hole by hand back then! It receives rainwater from adjacent roofs.

We will be hosting an “Open Day” on Sunday, September 30 – the Sunday of the long weekend. This will be an opportunity to bring out some of our stationary engines and run them, place the trucks and tractors on display, and take them for a run around the Park. All of the museums and the homestead will be open, with our members on hand to answer questions. The Friends also offer light refreshments on the day. So make a picnic day of it and pay us a visit.

The Friends of Fagan Park are on deck every Tuesday, our volunteering day. Anyone is welcome to call in to check us out.

Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475