The Friends of Fagan Park

On September 30 we dedicated a tribute to our long serving member, Mavis Andrews (née Bennett), who passed away in June. Many members of her family travelled down from the Central Coast for the occasion, including brothers, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mavis attended Arcadia Public School as a child and her family farmed property on Arcadia Road and what was once known as One Chain Road.

Work continues on the 1918 International truck. We recently removed the engine, and it is now partly dismantled, finding some of it in very sad state.

It is not too soon to start thinking of our Australia Day Open day. We always hope that it is not too hot and there are no total fire bans in place preventing Blacksmith demonstrations and running the hot air engine. The Netherby Homestead precinct offers some shaded tables, which enable visitors to enjoy refreshments in pleasant surroundings. Weather aside, we always enjoy taking all the trucks and tractors for a leisurely run around the Park to advertise our presence.

The Fagan Park museums are open every Tuesday, our volunteering day, and we open the museums on the second Sunday each month during the afternoon.

Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.