The Leafscreener system has been installed on houses around the world since its
invention in 1989. It’s inventor, Michael Sichel, won the Australian Design Award for his
product in 1991.

Leafscreener changed the concept of gutter protection forever. Unlike other forms
of gutter protection that were pushed into the gutters, forming a barrier and causing a
build-up of leaves, leafscreener allowed the leaves to continue their journey to the ground.

Now, the next generation of gutter protection is here! Like leafscreener, Leaf Stopper
allows the leaves to flow off the roof. However, Leaf Stopper is different in as much as it is
made from a non- rust metal and is, therefore, fireproof. Leaf Stopper has been tested by
the CSIRO and has a fire rating of ‘0’- the highest rating given by the organisation.
Leaf Stopper will, not only, help protect your home but will also help you harvest
clean, potable water into your water storage tanks.

No more climbing ladders or clambering over roofs, no more breaking tiles or buckling
metal roofs, it eliminates the need for regular gutter cleaning while saving you money.
Leaf Stopper also greatly reduces maintenance, aids purer rainwater harvesting and while
it prevents birds from nesting also denies access to vermin.

One of the key benefits of Leaf Stopper is that it helps protect the house against
bushfires. Ultimately, Leaf Stopper extends the life of your gutters. It comes with a 15-year
mesh guarantee, is available in a wide range of colours to match your roof, has the
highest-possible fire-rating from the CSIRO and fits to all roofs and roofing profiles.

GardenCo guarantees that, once fitted by our authorised installers, no leaves, twigs
or gum nuts will penetrate the mesh to, in any way, impede the drainage system of your
gutters, valleys or downpipes. This guarantee is enforced for the life- time of the mesh on
the condition that the mesh has not been damaged in anyway or form from human error
or any other natural or unnatural occurrence.

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