The Arthouse Pavilion Gallery

ART.AND… ‘Discover Something New’ is the forthcoming event at The Arthouse Pavilion Gallery to be held in March. Please visit the website to confirm dates.

Despite COVID-19 still possibly confining us to our borders, Australians will hopefully be venturing out more and more locally this year.

In this spirit of exploration, this new event will focus on the Australian spirit of discovery.

The Arthouse Pavilion Gallery, nestled in its bushland paradise, will showcase an eclectic collection of paintings, prints, textiles, bespoke garments, jewellery, sculpture as well as hand-made and unique collectables in resin and wood. Under the wing of Artists And Incorporated, a not-for-profit organisation, the exhibition will bring together over 10 contemporary artists from a range of disciplines celebrating their craft as part of a dual weekend art festival next March

But ART.AND… ‘Discover Something New’ is an event – not merely a static exhibition in an art gallery in the increasingly crowded urban landscape of Sydney. With a unique location, visitors can discover the beauty and atmosphere surrounding the gallery while meeting the creators in person.

The exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to not only feasts their eyes on the exhibition but to purchase original and handmade original pieces directly from the artists on the day while enjoying the country air and stunning views from the gallery. And there will be over a thousand original pieces from which to choose!

In 2022, ART.AND… ‘Discover Something New’ will invite visitors to embark on a personal journey of discovery. By signing up for a range of art courses that will be held after the event, they will be able to discover art techniques and skills from the artists exhibiting whose hands paint, hammer, twist, bend, fire, print, sew, mould, carve and weld.

Perhaps you would like to learn how to carve a Cherrywood bowl like an old fashioned bodger using a traditional pole lathe or create a cyanotype print using native botanicals just as architects of old created blueprints of their drawings!

We will be encouraging visitors to discover our unique surrounding area in the Hills District – from picking fruit from local farms or discovering the Great North Walk created by our early settlers. For those merely interested in a leisurely journey of discovery, our area is home to numerous wonderful restaurants using local produce or picnic areas where you can discover a world away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, but within a half-hour drive from the CBD!