Ten tips to look after your wellbeing during this pandemic:

Once upon a time, this question may have been answered with statements like ‘I get a regular massage’, or ‘I have time out from my family and go out with friends. However, currently, these options are not possible.

After being under the stay at home orders for some weeks now, most of us are starting to feel fatigued and to lose enthusiasm for tasks. After all, once you’ve cleaned out the bathroom vanity and the linen cupboard, some ‘me’ activities would be a lovely distraction. So how can we do this?

Here are some tips for your wellbeing during the stay at home orders:
• Treat yourself to some quiet time. Take a good book and a cup of tea, find a sunny spot, and enjoy reading.

• Set the table with your best china and cutlery, light a candle or two and enjoy your dinner. You can dress up and have a ‘date night’ even if it means involving the kids.

• Ring an old friend and spend time chatting. Stay connected with family and friends.

• Have a lazy pyjama day – enjoy being comfortable.

• Go for a walk and look for spring bulbs that are shooting

• Do something creative – paint, draw, knit, sew, cook

• Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings

• Find some online activities that you enjoy eg yoga, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness

• Listen to podcasts • Find things that make you laugh – comedies on TV, movies

There are many things to do – it is just a matter of choosing which ones suit us best. Try scheduling wellbeing time into each day, You can even plan the activities in advance, as it is important to try and keep to a routine.


Sue Buckle

Sue Buckle is a Registered Nurse and Director of Just Better Care Hills District.

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