With the restrictions of COVID-19 taking their toll, some innovative thinking was required to keep one business going and offer a helping hand to others.

Fifteen families in the Hills district decided to pool resources to offer their products to customers at Glenorie Bakery. Whether it’s flowers or fresh vegetables, honey, passata, chutneys, jams or good old fashioned sourdough – as well as great coffee – there’s something to appeal to all tastes at Glenorie Bakery.

Bakery owner, Rob Pirina was determined to keep all his staff on board during the COVID-19 crisis. By getting together with other local families to provide a variety of products, the face of the Bakery has changed but now it finds it has so much more to offer the takeaway traveller.

One local producer is Carlo Grasso who runs a succulent nursery in Glenorie. With the arrival of COVID-19 and with his family in need of protection from the virus, Carlo was forced to close his nursery. Rob had space for his succulents and his customers did the rest. Carlo can keep his family safe but still has a market for his plants. “It helps everybody”, he said happily.

Paula Bandera, who sells her flowers at Flemington, has been growing roses for 30 years. She said: “It’s good to sell something that’s grown in Glenorie so locals can buy local”.

Vince Fusca – another Glenorie resident – produces eye-catching chrysanthemums which have also found a home at the Bakery. Visitors are quick to take home armfuls of these colourful blooms with their takeaway coffees and baked goods.