Summer warning

I spent much of December last year travelling to schools around the Hornsby community to attend speech days and celebrate their achievements in 2017. I would like to wish all the teachers, staff and Principals at Dural Public School, Galston High School, Galston Public School, Arcadia Public School, Middle Dural Public School, Pacific Hills Christian School and Redfield College all the best as students return for 2018. You are all doing amazing job, inspiring and teaching the next generation, and I thank you for all your hard work.

I am so proud to have the best schools in the State right here in Hornsby, and I hope students and staff had a chance to re-charge over the holidays.

I wanted to remind the local community with summer upon us we must remain vigilant when firing up their barbecues.

It is important you regularly check the connection point at the gas bottle. If you find a leak or smell gas, immediately turn off the gas at the bottle and discontinue use. Fittings and hoses should be checked frequently for wear and tear, and replaced as needed.

It is also important never to use a gas bottle that is more than 10 years old and, avoid using barbecues indoors or in any confined space as they present a fire and health hazard.

A good way to ensure your gas products are safe is to make sure they have safety compliance stickers. These stickers are mandatory on all gas appliances and show the item has been approved for use, and meets all safety requirements. If a gas bottle doesn’t have a sticker, it can’t legally be filled in NSW.

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