Student Leadership at Arcadia Public School

Arcadia Public School Year 5 students, Georgia and Darci, had a fantastic idea to support those affected by the drought. Why not enjoy some delicious cupcakes while raising money for others? What a fantastic initiative. Therefore, it was decided that Arcadia would have a Pyjama Day fundraiser, along with yummy cupcakes and a great deal of fun! We decided to raise the funds for Cumnock Public School, a small school and community like ours. We raised $740 thanks to the generous support of our Arcadia Public School community. The Principal of Cumnock Public School stated that she has “been completely overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtful efforts of all students and staff towards our wellbeing through this unrelenting drought. We truly appreciate your efforts and are very humbled by all the support, kind wishes and fundraising that you have embarked upon.” What a wonderful feeling it is to show support to others in need and make a special connection with another school community. It’s a timely reminder that one small idea can grow into a big success and make a big difference. Brilliant effort Arcadia!

It’s that time of the year approaching when pre-school students, and their parents, are starting to think about Big School. At Arcadia Public School, we are excited about all pre-schoolers coming and learning about the wonderful experiences that await them at our amazing school as they begin their educational journey. Starting Big School dates are as follows; Wednesday 24 October, Thursday 1 November and Friday 9 November. Sessions are between 2:15-3:15pm.

Visit our website or phone our wonderful office staff on 9653-1207 to learn more about what makes Arcadia Public School such a great place to learn.