Locally, Mother Nature is finally giving us a breather from her drought, fierce unrelenting heat, bushfire stress and devastating storms.

Globally, nature has given us more in the form of a pandemic that’s resulted in an increased social isolation.

Feel relaxed yet? Well, we think we have a cure for the stress, anxiety and helplessness we’ve all experienced.

Empower yourself in the places you can make a difference, in your own back yard.

Take this time to address the things that are within your control. If it’s bushfire hazards on your property, a garden that’s suffered from the weather, or you want more native birds and creatures in your garden, now is the time to dream, plan and act.

Imagine it, you’ve come up with an idea, put a plan together and now it’s actually happening. Won’t that take the edge off the stress?

Whatever you dream up that involves the land, Landcare is here to assist. You’d be astonished with the information and help we can provide. If we don’t have an solution to your problem, there is an army of Landcarers around Australia that probably will.

So start now, think about what you’d like to change, create or encourage in your patch. After you’ve dreamt up your stress busting project give us a call and see what we can do to help make your dream come true.

Landcare would love it if you decided to join us, or one of the Bushcare groups in the area. For Landcare, talk to Nick on 9653 2056 or email StillCreekLandcare@iinet or go to or Facebook. For Bushcare, talk to Council on 9847 6362.