We saw in the 2002 fires and more recently through other disasters, this community always pulls together to help one another. This time we have to support one another, whilst being socially isolated, which is an interesting challenge for us all. So what can we do? Here are some suggestions:

1) Buy a takeaway dinner at least once a week if you can afford it, more if you like. This will help the owners of the local cafes and restaurants pay their rent and feed their families.

2) Buy more from our local bakeries, butchers and fruit shops and independent supermarkets. You will probably find more choice and they restock more often.

3) Don’t forget our Pharmacies, they carry a great range of soaps, beauty products, gifts, as well as your normal pharmacological products.

4) Check up on your neighbours. If you don’t know them, write a note and pop it in their mailbox to introduce yourself, leave your phone number, let them know you are there if they need anything. Don’t expect a response. Sometimes its just comforting to know someone cares. This is particularly important if they are older and live alone.

Whilst we are all spending more time at home, it’s a great time to write up that list of things that need done around the house. Our electricians, plumbers, builders and tradesmen are still open for business. Whilst they might be busy with existing contracts, book your needs with them now so they know they have future work in the pipeline. This is also a great time to get out in the garden. Why not start a veggie garden. If you can’t buy seedlings locally, there are lots of online seed banks which can be ordered by post.

There are a few COVID19 opportunities to take advantage of:

1) Audible are providing free childrens audio books,

2) Zoom is offering free video conferencing.

3) Whist Dural and Galston Libraries are closed, Hornsby and Castle Hill Libraries are offering online borrowing via their apps. They have lots of e-magazines and e-books for all age groups.

4) If you want to maintain your fitness or get fit at home, Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app is free for 6 weeks.

Check out our Government benefits list on page…. These support payments will go some way in keeping our businesses and families afloat in the months ahead.

By the time you read this the rules may have changed, as we are in a very fluid environment.