St Benedict’s News

2017/2018 Sacramental Program

The thirty-five young people from the parish who made their First Holy Communion on Sunday 18th June were congratulated by all present and a special welcome was extended to the family members and friends who had come to support them on this special occasion. The parish extended a big thank you to everyone who helped throughout the sacramental program. It’s a huge job to make sure everything runs smoothly and we’re extremely grateful for everyone’s time and commitment.

The new 2017/2018 sacramental program started almost straight away and confirmation for this new group will be take place on 5th August. Congratulations to all involved.

Special collections

Over recent weeks parishioners have donated to two very special appeals. First was the 2017 Peter’s Pence Collection that provides funds for charitable works around the world identified by the Pope. This year these include diverse projects such as supporting poor and hearing-impaired children in Rwanda, scholarships and schooling for refugee children displaced from Syria and Iraq and humanitarian aid for victims of famine, terrorist attacks, wars and natural disasters.

The second appeal was much closer to home, but just as important. Our local St Vincent de Paul group launched its winter appeal for families in need in our immediate area. The theme of this year’s appeal is ‘Together We Can Do Heroic Things’. Anyone who would like to donate is welcome to contact the parish office 96532312 on any Friday. Members of the local St Vincent de Paul group are also looking for new members to help with their wonderful local work.

New Parish Secretary

After more than ten years as our Parish Secretary Theresa Neely is leaving to take up a fulltime teaching position at St Lucy’s School in Wahroonga. While we will miss Theresa in her role as secretary, she will still be very much involved in the parish and we know her caring nature and commitment will be welcomed at St Lucy’s, which is a school for children with special needs. Thanks Theresa for all your good work.

We welcome our new Parish Secretary Sandra De Nardi (pictured), who replaced Theresa and started in the role in July. Sandra is a local who is well qualified for the position and we know we are all going to enjoy working with her.

Weekend Mass Times

St. Benedict’s Catholic Church Arcadia; Mass at the Monastery, 121 Arcadia Rd, Arcadia, at 7 am every morning. Mass at the Parish Centre, Corner Fagans Rd and Arcadia Rd 7 pm Saturday, 9 am Sunday