We have a new cafe just opened at Round Corner Dural, and the owners Josh and Avik, are keen for you to come and try them out. We had a quick chat with them about why they opened an eatery in Dural and where they got their unusual name from.

Josh explains…. “Sirculo is a play on “circolo” meaning “circle”. So for example circle of friends, social club, community. If you are not italian you would probably say it Sir-Koo-Lo. This led to the cheeky playful use of the name SirCulo. “culo” meaning “bum/ass”, but also can be used for luck (Che Culo!). Our branding plays on the tag line, “The Best Part is The CuLo”, where the phrase is actually used to explain the end parts of the Italian bread (called the Culo). Everyone fights for that part. So we see ourselves as a social hub, a communinty meeting place. We are passionate about quality, and also have a cheeky playful side.

What is your style of food?
We are a Modern retail Italian Deli meets Mediteranean eatery that pushes the boundaries. We offer Traditional dishes that spark a nostalgia, but we do this with a fun, modern twist!

Why sets you apart from others?
Our point of difference is our energy and culture. Our highlight is our space. It’s a community hub.that take you away. A mediteranean oasis that brings people together. We roast our own coffee, are passionate about food and really pride ourselves on old school service!

What other services do you offer?
Avik and I are now locals and with Sirculo, we are the new kids on the block! We want to engage with the community to promote local produce and create a space that locals can enjoy. We are looking at launching an evening menu very soon with regional menu events, highlighting techniques of different regions of the mediteranean.

We would love for locals to utilise the space for their own events such as fundraisers and promotional activities. We are also looking at organising a market day, where we showcase a couple of local products and tie it in with our brand.

Further down the track we are considering family cooking classes. We want children and adults to get their hands dirty and take a little of the knowledge we have gained throughout our lives and take it home with them.

Next time you are at Round Corner, drop by to say hello, and sample their new menu. Some of you may recognise Josh from the TV series My Kitchen Rules.

Avik is a reknowned Multiple Hatted Chef, that latest being Cod’s Gift. He is a Traveller by heart and has visited over 30 countries which has moulded his passion for food and style. A chef of over 20 years experience spanning from Asia, UAE, Canada, and Australia. He was educate, trained and completed his Masters in France. He is an innovator that respects rustic, traditional recipes and culture but adds his own modern touch and twist.

He is well respected in the Hospitality Industry, where he was also a representative of the Goodman Fielder 2019 Chefs Panel.

Shop 4-6/3 Ward Place, Dural, Sydney, Australia 2158 (02) 9651 7441