Be SepticSmart when building your rural home or upgrading your septic system

After rehabilitation by Septic Smart Australia
After rehabilitation by Septic Smart Australia

We cannot control what Nature does to us, but, if the recent downpours are any indication, the traditional winter rains which will shortly be upon us could present a few problems for some homes with Septic tanks and trenches.

Not much can go wrong structurally with a well-built Septic Tank… it is the Soil Absorption System or trenches that simply wear out with age. It’s only natural, and a failed or failing system is a normal event.

Ordinarily, effluent seeps through an archway, or a pipe, in a trench to be absorbed by the surrounding soils which treat the effluent naturally so as to reduce pollutants and pathogens.

However, the formation of a Bio-Mat along the bottom and sidewalls of a trench reduces the seepage of wastewater into the soils and, over time, the rate of seepage falls to unacceptable levels.

Subsequently, wastewater will either back up into your home or rise to the soil surface.

Typical outcomes of failed absorption trenches are:-

• A soggy, smelly, densely grassed exposed area which provides ideal conditions for insects and vermin. By itself, this surface ponding of effluent is a potential health hazard to your family and pets, and, the sight of the disposal area can adversely affect the value of your property.

• During heavy rain periods, overland flows can spread the problem to your neighbours or onto public property, as well as cause pollution of our waterways.

We strongly recommend that you give some consideration to the condition of your Septic Tank System and, if need be, contact the company with the expertise to offer a One-Stop-Shop for all matters wastewater.

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