Seniors Housing Proposal for Glenorie

Story Continued

A Site Compatibility Certificate has been requested from NSW State Planning for a Seniors Housing development at 47 Cairns Road, Glenorie, consisting of 33 self-contained dwellings, associated community room, pool and tennis court. (See location on map).

The Council Pre-lodgement Meeting Comments Letter says “Council raises objection to seniors living development at the subject site as the development would be inconsistent with the objectives of the rural zone…”

As it’s Glenorie’s first senior housing development we showed the plans to local residents including some close to the proposed development. The majority of those who viewed the plans seemed to look upon it with approval. One resident even commented “Oh that’s so much better than that huge multi-storey development at Quarry Road. That’s much more fitting for Glenorie, and some older residents on acreage would really like to stay in the area. I hope it gets approved”.

We will keep the community updated as the application progresses.