Scientifically Speaking

It’s always a great pleasure to see past students of Hills Grammar returning to the School. Recently we welcomed back scientist Stuart Kumar-Terry, class of 2007, who was excited to have an open conversation with the next generation of budding scientists.

The author of The Science That Changed the World, answered questions from our Junior School’s High Potential Learners Program. The questions related to the nature of atoms, black holes, evolution, antibiotics and other ‘big’ issues.

One student from Year 4 gave a glowing review about what the discussion meant to her: “Now I know a lot more than before. Mr Kumar-Terry made everything interesting and answered the deep (scientific) questions and I hung on to his every word. My knowledge doubled then tripled; he just filled the gaps.”

The young minds flourished with Stuart’s guidance, and his informative conversation with the students transpired to a deeper curiosity about science in general.

PIC: Hills Grammar Junior School Student Ryder Gunnel, Hills Grammar High Potential Learners listening to Stuart Kumar Terry