Residents may have noticed a significant increase in scam calls either porporting to be Telstra or the NBN. These calls normally take the form of a recorded message to begin with telling you that you fit in to one of the following:

• Your service will be disconnected

• You have an outstanding debt that is unpaid

• The nbn™ is about to go live in your area. If you wish to keep your phone number, please press 1 now.

Generally you are asked to press 1 and you are directed to are person, who then tries to get your personal details, account and bank account details. This is then used to scam you of money or can be used in identity theft.

Whilst many residents realise this is a scam, many do not, particularly those who are older, not as technology savvy, and particular those who rely on their phone for contact with their family. If you have neighbours who, you think, could be vulnerable, please take five minutes to have a chat with them to ensure they understand that all these calls are scams and should be ignored. Advise them to just put the phone down.

There is a full list of current scams at You can also report scams on this website.

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