Satin Bowerbird

It’s Autumn and the seeds have set on my Magnolia tree, the word is out in the Bower Bird community – the annual feast is on, attracting up to ten birds at one sitting. By nurturing this tree, I have inadvertently sent out invitations to dine, therefore I would like to know which Bower Bird community has accepted. As you may be aware, the male Bower Bird prefers blue objects to attract the female to the bower, where he will dance to attract her hoping for a little romance.

To nd out which birds have kindly accepted my invitation (or maybe they are visiting your property looking for a feast), I would like to ask the community, if aware of Bower Birds in or around their property, to do the following: After marking with a permanent marker, stating your street name or if you prefer a phone number, could you scatter some blue plastic milk bottle tops and their rings – (cut the rings to avoid strangulation) straws, sections of pegs etc near your feast tree. As very little is known of their territory within the district, your input will help us all understand these beautiful birds.

If you find blue plastic marked Pinus Ave., would you contact me on [email protected] Peter Ord – 0417 047 757