Salvation Army

Behind the public face of its many Family Stores, the Salvation Army provides a range of services to members of the community. In the 1860s the founder, William Booth originally just provided help and spiritual guidance to homeless and addicted men in London. His aim was to help these individuals on a path of rehabilitation and to motivate them to pass this assistance on to another man in need.

Today, the Salvos, as they are affectionately known, work tirelessly to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and financial support to men, women and families who are doing it tough.

Their aim is to help these people gain greater independence in leading a more fulfilling and responsible life.

The Family stores, through your generous donations, contribute the money to underpin these aims.

This month, the focus of the Dural and Glenorie stores is on the big team of volunteers who sort thousands of items of clothing and shoes.

Everything from scarves to skirts and skivvies, T- shirts and tops, dresses and dinner jackets: each item is checked for quality before being placed in the shop. Good quality surplus items are sent to a huge charity warehouse where they are shipped to Dubai, re-sorted and then sent to needy communities in North Africa.

Our range of shoes changes daily. We try to rehome everything from steel capped boots to ballerina’s slip-ons. We are already preparing for the warmer months with sandals and strappies. Sadly, we have been unable to sell single shoes despite these turning up on a regular basis! We also do not offer for resale cardigans minus buttons, jackets and jeans with broken zips, stained, torn and threadbare garments.

Both stores will be running another Storewide Half Price Day on Friday 31 August. Come in and celebrate with us the wonderful work done by staff and Volunteers, and help us launch awareness of National Op Shop week which will commence soon after.