Salvation Army

As the cold winds and white frosts of August fade into the past for another year, the first signs of Spring are appearing along our roadside.

THE TREES of the few remaining stone fruit orchards in our area are in blossom, and the wattle trees are bursting with golden fluff-balls. Some of us are not Winter- lovers and we grumble about the cold, but would we really appreciate Spring if there were no winter with which to compare it? In God’s plan, there is a reason for every season!

Our stores in Dural and Glenorie reflect the arrival of Spring with emerging changes across many departments. You will see fashion garments anticipating the warmer weather, with t- shirts, blouses, peddle pushers, shorts, beach ware and summer frocks on the racks. Sandals and strappy shoes will start replacing fleecy lined boots, and the electrical department will be testing and tagging more ice cream makers and room coolers. You will, however, still find winter themed articles in all departments in case you are planning a trip to the snow or to a cooler climate overseas.

Have you thought about volunteering with us? Volunteering underpins our society, and many wonderful organisations could not exist without the help, enthusiasm and skills of its volunteer team. The rewards are many: make new friends, learn new skills, chat about the news, be exposed to a range of opinions across a variety of topics over a cuppa, make a worthwhile use of your time, and give yourself an emotional boost.

In some countries volunteering is so highly regarded that people PAY to volunteer! Cambodia is one such country!

Come and have a cuppa in our Community Corner at Dural and welcome in Spring!