During November community consultation continued on the Rural Lands Review. Two workshops were held at The Galston Club and two were held at Glenorie Club. The primary purpose of the workshops was to determine if the consultants had accurately determined the base line “landscape area maps” required for future planning.

It was extremely heartening to see all of the sessions oversubscribed and that the range of community input was so varied. In particular, it was terrific to see the collaborative approach demonstrated by staff, consultants, councillors and – above all – members of the community. It was clear that, despite the diversity in opinion surrounding rural land use, a level of respect for the varying opinions was extended to all that participated.

The process of collating this large contribution from the community has begun and a draft report should come back to councillors in December.

The Galston Village Public Domain concept plan has been introduced to property owners within the village. With further refinement, a more developed plan should emerge soon that will be introduced to both village tenants and the broader community. The next step is to get the initial concept formally endorsed so that detailed design work may begin and budgets developed.

The Glenorie Village bus area upgrade was endorsed at the last Council meeting so more detailed design work will begin on that important gateway project.

Finally, a special thanks to all of our Rural Fire Service RURAL ROUNDUP divisions and their volunteers for the high level of education and preparation that has been provided to our communities. It has been a particularly vulnerable time and we are most grateful for the peace of mind their service provides.