One of the few upsides resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is that councils have turned their attention to how best they can promote economic recovery. With NSW Government assistance and the early release of developer contributions, projects in the long-term plan may be brought forward to help stimulate the local economy. I will certainly push for the inclusion of A-ward projects already in the pipeline if it means an earlier completion date.

In the meantime, we can look forward to a new roof being completed on Galston Park picnic shed. A couple more weeks should see this project completed. The RMS upgrade to the Mid Dural Rd roundabout should also come to completion by the end of the month. The final footpath link to this project won’t come to fruition until the Marston Aged Care development on Galston Rd is completed, but it is a step closer to a safer network of paved walkways. The Marston development is expected to resume within the next two months as a consequence of an agreed site rehabilitation plan. Draft plans for continued staged improvements along Arcadia Rd to Thomas Rd have been exhibited, along with the first draft of the Galston Village public domain improvement plan.

Residents would have seen an increase in tree planting throughout the village areas, as homeowners choose to be part of the tree planting initiative. While we welcome new trees into our local community, we must also balance this with the assessment and removal of unsafe vegetation. I have highlighted a number of unsafe trees requiring attention throughout the rural area when residents have brought them to my attention. Don’t forget that it is also now possible to secure pile burn permits online through the Council website.

I am also pleased to highlight a return to some scheduled rural maintenance. I have long advocated for road verges and drainage in particular to receive scheduled attention, as opposed to reactive arrangements where it is often too late. Verge slashing in a range of rural locations will now be scheduled, while there will be a revised approach to stormwater drain construction and maintenance.

As always I’m happy to be contacted in regards to any issues Ph: 0499 004 861, [email protected]

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