On 19 September Hornsby Shire Council held the Youth Future Forum. Young people from across the Shire were encouraged to attend an event held in Hornsby Park and to participate in the formation of a strategic vision for the future of Hornsby Shire. Attendees were asked to provide their perspective on subjects such as housing, work opportunities, the environment and technology. The event was a huge success and provided a model for similar events in the future.

Of critical importance to the current Rural Lands Review process is the release of our Landscape Area maps. These Areas have been defined by what features are common to various segments of our rural neighbourhood and will form the basis for our future land use planning.

It is important that residents identify with the Landscape Area that best relates to individual properties and comment accordingly. The Landscape Area mapping will be exhibited on Council’s website until 8 November. If you have any difficulties interpreting the exhibited material, you can call 9847 6726 and have it explained by one of our planning team.

Galston Village public domain planning advanced another step this month with a further workshop session including village property owners. Draft concepts related to parking, traffic flow, public toilets and play space were discussed and comments noted by management.

Finally, funding has been secured in the September budget review that will see the long awaited Glenorie bus terminus and gateway improvement plan move into design stage. It is anticipated that this will mark the beginning of an overall strategy to improve the condition and functionality of the entire Memorial precinct.