I was delighted to join the members of the Arcadia Galston Residents Association (AGRA) for their recent meeting at Galston Club. High on the agenda was the landmark Galston village Public Domain Strategy. Our first speaker was Fiona Robbe, local resident and landscape architect, who presented past design ideas with traffic and pedestrian solutions with unique ideas to make Galston a rural village with atmosphere. Hornsby Council General Manager, Steve Head, presented the need to improve Galston with pedestrian safety and traffic management, which is imperative in the new plans.

Glenorie Progress Association has expanded its membership and sphere of influence, taking on the challenging task of addressing issues occurring in two council jurisdictions. Investigations into gateway improvement options around the bus stop precinct, as well as options for restoration work for the Memorial site, are underway.

I am particularly pleased that the Galston Swim Club has successfully launched their fundraising project to replace the starting blocks at Galston pool. An initial $10,000 grant has been generously donated by Hornsby MP Matt Kean through the Community Building Partnership Project. This accounts for more than half the necessary funding.

This week Council began a communications review, looking to develop as many options as possible to ensure that residents are kept informed. This is a particular challenge in rural areas and we are determined to develop a more effective strategy.

Although it is exciting to engage in new areas of Council business, it is equally important that our core business does not get left behind. Footpaths, stormwater, vegetation, road maintenance and waste services are all examples of essential areas of Council responsibility. Effectively funding these services and meeting community expectations is a continuing priority that will not only ensure practical outcomes but reinforce our sense of civic pride.