How to Find the Right Agent to Ace Your Spring Sale

The spring selling season might still be a few months away, but if you’re thinking of putting your property on the market this spring, now is the time to start planning for your sale.

One of the most critical aspects of a successful sale is listing with the right agent. There might be lots of agents in your area, but how do you choose the right one? Firstly, understand what the agent can do for you.

An experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent can be your most valuable asset for a successful sale this spring, guiding you through the entire process to ensure you receive the best possible outcome at the other end.

Firstly, do your research. Ask friends in the area and neighbours who they sold or bought with and if they would recommend anyone. Word of mouth is helpful, but it is also important to do your research to establish who are the agents selling the most property in your area, most successfully.

Take a look at their online reviews. Social media is increasingly important in real estate, so also check their social pages to read comments and see how they interact with their online communities.

Once you’ve drawn up a shortlist, pick up the phone and chat with them. Ask about their local knowledge and connections, length of time they’ve worked in the area, types of properties they specialise in, and whether they have sold properties like yours.

Ask about their results including days on the market or auction clearance rates. Can recent clients vouch for their services with testimonials?

Find out about their buyer reach and database–are they part of a national network of offices, for instance, allowing them to market properties to buyers nationally as well as locally?

Being able to collaborate and communicate well with your agent is critical to securing the best outcome for your property. This first conversation is a good chance to start assessing whether you could work with them on a personal level.

You want someone responsive and proactive so you are kept up to date with your sale progress, and who is also able to communicate effectively with potential buyers, including the ability to handle any intense negotiations at the pointy end of the sale process.

The next step is to arrange an in-person meeting, allowing you to learn more about their overall approach and, if the meeting takes place at your home, enabling the agent to assess your property, including its value, buyers it would appeal to and how they would market it accordingly. Ask them:
• Who do they see as your target market?
• How much could the property sell for and how long might it take to sell?
• What sale type do they recommend?
• Do they see a need for any updates or repairs?
• What are your property’s unique selling points?
• How does it compare to other competing properties?

Before you meet, research the agent’s listings to understand their marketing approach. Pay attention to the photos, videos, and wording. Are all their listings presented in the best possible light? Drill down further into their approach when you meet face to face.

After following all the above steps you should now be in a strong position to decide who you will appoint to list your property. After breathing a sigh of relief your attention can then turn to the other components required to ensure a successful sale.

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