Ready For Change? The Greens For Berowra

Imagine how much better our country would be with a Federal Government that showed the same level of compassion and care that everyday people have shown yet again, over the last few weeks of floods.
Real change is within reach and if you are one of the many people who are considering voting for the Greens for the first time, we may have more in common than you think!

We have a climate crisis, a housing crisis and a cost-of-living crisis. Residents across Hornsby Shire tell me they are worried about their children’s future. But there are solutions to these problems. Ensuring billionaires and corporations pay their fair share of taxes will go a long way to funding a transition to renewable energy, inclusion of dental and mental health in Medicare and providing affordable housing for essential workers.

Australians need a government that will urgently act on climate change, that isn’t beholden to coal, gas and lobbying industries because of the donations they receive, who won’t hand over $10 billion dollars in subsidies to prop up fossil fuel corporations every year.

We need a government that will focus on a fairer Australia for everyone. Voting The Greens into the balance of power will help achieve this. We have the answers if you’ll give us the opportunity.

If you’re tired of the same outcomes and excuses, it’s time to change your vote.

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