Quick Thinking Shop Workers Save Mum’s Life

Who would have thought a trip to the doctors to get a script, and taking your first tablet could be life threatening, but that’s what happened to Kristie Cavaleri. Fortunately she took that first tablet in Galston Village and not at home alone with her 17 month old daughter, Chelsea.

Kristie had an infection and was prescribed antibiotics at the Galston Family Medical Centre. She had taken antibiotics before so she wasn’t concerned. She filled the script at Galston Village Pharmacy and whilst she was there, stopped and chatted to Kerrie and Vy. She took her first tablet as soon as her script was filled. Then she popped into Aldi for some shopping. Kylie Pace from Galston Newsagency just happened to be in Aldi at the same time. At the checkout, Kristie was beginning to feel unwell, and decided to return to the Pharmacy to sit down for a while.

Both Kylie and Kristie walked to the Pharmacy. Kylie noticed Kristie was looking unwell and commented to the Pharmacy staff. It then became clear that Kristie was having an anaphylactic episode, with red hands and swelling of the throat and neck, so eveyone moved into action. Kristie was placed comfortably on the floor, an ambulance was called, Chelsea was moved away and cared for and the Pharmacy closed its doors, for privacy. Kylie comforted Kristie, letting her know that Chelsea was OK and that her husband had been notified and was on his way and not to worry as everything was under control. Vy used an Epi-pen to try to stabilise the episode whilst they waited for the Ambulance. Due to the severity of the episode a second dose was administered prior to the Ambulance arriving. Once the Ambulance arrived, Kristie was stabilised and taken to hospital for further observation and treatment.

We are pleased to report that Kristie has made a full recovery and is now aware she is very allergic to the antibiotic Amoxycillian.

Kristie would like to thank Kylie, Vy and Kerrie and all the staff from Galston Village who rallied around and assisted her that day – it really was a life and death situation. She is also thankful to live in such a caring community that helped her and Chelsea so much that day.

She is also glad that she took that first tablet at the Pharmacy and not at home alone with Chelsea, as the outcome could have been very different.

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