Quality and Safety in Rooftop Solar Projects

A great system consists of quality components and, just as importantly, a quality installation process.

Choosing the right company to hook you up with a rooftop solar system is critically important if your goal is to achieve a system that performs safely and efficiently through its entire life cycle.

Things to look out for, only use a company that employs and trains their installers in-house; they have skin in the game and will respond to your needs.

Make sure your installers are not rushed; safety and quality take time. Ensure they install the system to the current Australianstandards. You can’t just see this; you must investigate for yourself.

Ensure installers have all insurances, are clean energy council certified, have current electrical contractors’ licences, and they respect your property.

At EM SOLAR, we excel in the above. Call EM SOLAR for electrifying results.