Jewellery has a certain sentimental value, so whether you are looking to design an original piece or reuse it to create something new, Kurt and Daniel Seifert Jewellers will work with your vision, offering free advice and suggestions to help design your treasured piece. Father and son pride themselves on high quality pieces, with solidly handmade gold jewellery that can be worn for many years without breaking apart. They offer a full range of specialty services; new creations, repair of worn pieces, restyling of outdated jewellery and resizing of rings. Pre-loved jewellery can be remodelled to create something which reflects your style. They have a workshop onsite and offer custom laser engraving.

With years of experience, they can comfortably handle jewellery that most jewellers won’t touch or have the qualifications to do so. They like to design and produce exciting and unique jewellery. A family owned business that also includes Kurts grandson, three generations of fully qualified jewellers working in the business means they are proud to provide an old fashioned service at a price which reflects care, attention and expertise. If you have any questions or concerns about your jewellery call 9476 4711 or visit 1A William Street Hornsnby.