Push-Cush was a clever invention by a north shore Sydney woman several decades ago. A simple idea to promote circulation of the lower limbs. It has two chambers into which you blow air, movement of air provides resistance which in turn promotes circulation. The Push-Cush is inexpensive and comes with direction on how to use it. This can be used while seated on a chair, on a bed, in a car, in an aeroplane or any where convenient and comfortable. I know of many caring health professionals who are eager to recommend this for their clients. Easy to carry, convenient to use and inexpensive to buy! I could not think of a better idea for our fathers who have limited options for exercise and movement during this pandemic.

For those who are looking for a substantial alternative, a Pedal Exerciser is an item to explore. Its portable, easy to use and can be used anywhere. They come in a choice of colours with a digital display.

A Seat Walker (also known as a Rollator) is the most essential item for a person who is beginning to experience some challenges with mobility, stability and balance. The frame provides the balance and stability, the wheels make the movement easy and the seat guarantees that you have one if you need. It’s heartening to know that our Dads these days don’t have to compromise on their choices unlike their parents. You can get a walker to suit your budget, taste, style, functionality and a lways remember to get one that is fitted specifically for you. You can find this and many other helpful ideas for Father’s Day at

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