The Psychkwondo Club in Galston, Riverstone, Cherrybrook, Glenhaven and Dural was founded by Amy Bodziony and Simon Taite. Both are experienced instructors and internationally recognised 6th Dan black belts and Amy is a US Open Championship gold medallist and a Commonwealth Championship bronze medallist. Both are passionate about helping kids enjoy the fitness and character benefits that come with Tae Kwon Do which is the world’s most popular martial art with over 60 million practitioners world-wide.

Research shows Psychkwondo can improve your child’s concentration and focus at school by flooding their brain with oxygen, relieving stress and boosting dopamine levels. Psychkwondo also teaches your child realistic skills to defend themselves, guided by highly experienced teachers.

Psychkwondo offers your child a structured exercise program combining the physical activity of Tae Kwon Do with innovative drills that make exercising fun.

Your child will develop a competitive edge in sports performance through improved balance, agility, strength, speed and flexibility. More importantly, they will learn the benefits of exercise at an early age and lay the foundation for fitness later in life.

Through this discipline children will also develop conflict resolution and social skills which they need to make good choices and avoid conflict.

Along with the physical and academic benefits of martial arts, your child will also enjoy positive interactions with classmates and peers.

By learning Tae Kwon Do, your child will be empowered with a sense of achievement and self discipline.

Ella wrote about her experience,” You have both taught me so much and changed my life for the better. Not only teaching me how to kick and punch and execute patterns but also how to live a happier, healthier, stronger lifestyle and enjoy the world in which we live in. You have taught me how to keep going when times are hard and to overcome any obstacle. You have both helped me and still help me to grow as a person and achieve my goals. You have helped me to become more confident in myself and you both always continue to inspire me.”

With a number of centres throughout the Hills district you are sure to find a venue which is local to you. Please refer to their website for locations and timetables

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