Pine Valley Studio – Where Imagination and Nature Intertwine

Pine Valley StudioThose of us who are fortunate enough to live in Galston are aware of its beauty and hidden treasures. The rural setting has always inspired artists to express more than meets the eye. Where natural bush, rock faces and creeks mingle, people find a place to call home and creatives are aroused to communicate their love of nature.

Pine Valley Studio has been open once a year as part of the Arcadian Artist Trail, but due to COVID last year, the Trail was cancelled. Some of the studios represented at Arcadian Artists have opened on an individual basis, and now that our lockdowns have eased, Julia Elsey has decided to open the doors of her gallery. She has invited two other talented artists, Libby Mewing and David Radcliff to join her at Pine Valley Studio.

Pine Valley StudioJulia’s passion is printmaking where she can express her creativity and love of nature through stunning collagraphs, monoprints and etchings. She enjoys the satisfaction of making images that express what is in her heart and delights in the joy it brings to others.

Libby Mewing is a highly regarded abstract artist whose thought-provoking work invites the viewer to be a traveller though her painting rather than a spectator. Intuitive use of gesture and bold colour enhance the dramatic style of her pictures and encourage a sense of wonder and playful delight.

Pine Valley StudioDavid Radcliff, a talented photographer, successfully experiments with images of nature through movement and augmentation of light and dark. There is a sense of mystery in his photographs as the viewer wrestles with the co-existence of clarity and ambiguity.

All three artists enjoy their work, and it is clear in their presentation that they would love others to enjoy it too. Pine Valley Studio is open to the public on both Saturday and Sunday, April 17-18, 2021 between 9am – 5pm. The Gallery has a Service NSW COVID safe plan and QR code for those wishing to visit.

The open studio is at 6A Pine Valley Road, Galston. For further details please go to

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