Pet at Work

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Nev wore his best suit for his October interview with 17 times ‘Australian Breed Champion Show Dog’ winner, the fabulous 8 year old Maremma Sheepdog, Lurgenglare Idaculu Marzia. ‘Marzia’ accompanies her Dad, Steve Pringle, on his Guest Speaker visits to various Retirement and Nursing Homes across Sydney.

Show DogNev: I know you accompany your Dad on his speaking circuit, but who actually is the Star of the show, you or him?

Marzia: It’s definitely me. If I get waylaid by someone wanting to give me a cuddle or a pat, everyone else wants to know where I am. There is usually some jostling as to who gets to hold my lead or whose seat I get to sit in front of. Everyone seems to want a photo with me.

Nev: What do you like best about visiting the Nursing Homes?

Marzia: Lots of pats, a chance to chill out and lots of new smells to experience. I’m often at a home during morno’s or arvo’s so there’s always some cake or a biscuit to try.

Nev: Any downsides?

Show DogMarzia: I don’t want to be away from my home for too long as I like being outside protecting my sheep and chicken mates from foxes and those pesky brush turkeys. I won’t kill them but I have fun chasing them away.

Nev: Do you have any “riders,’ considering your status as a former Australian Breed Champion Show Dog? Like personal dressing room, schmackos on demand, bottled drinking water etc?

Marzia: Drinking out of a dog bowl is not my style. I prefer straight from the garden tap so it’s fresh. And I expect a decent walk after performing and a couple of treats.

Nev: How does this gig compare to being on the Show Circuit? What do you prefer?

Marzia: Shows are not really in my breed’s Italian DNA. We like to make our own decisions and be independent as livestock guardian dogs. I was happy to perform in the ring for dad but would rather do my own thing at a nursing home and be the star attraction.

Nev: After a hard day’s work looking fabulous and being fussed over, what do you like to do when you get home?

Marzia: Do a quick check of the property, inspect the chicken cages, see if I can find a stray egg, have a quick groom and then find a spot to chill and keep an eye on things before dinner.

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