Parrahills Group Local Activity Bushwalk to Lane Cove Bushland Park

Saturday 24th April 2021

The Australian Plants Society is a non-profit organisation that facilitates the interest and learning of native flora. We are passionate about conserving, growing and observing native plants. There are meetings where local members and visitors can gather to learn, network and socialise about a particular topic of native flora. There are also opportunities to register for various courses to study different plants and plant environments in detail by correspondence.

For our April activity we are going to Lane Cove Bushland Park. The area of the park we are planning to visit is very different from our usual bushwalk haunts. It is still sandstone country, but this time it is a deep, heavily-shaded gully with a creek running down it. The vegetation type is wet sclerophyll forest. Tall trees, largely turpentines, provide the shade. Underneath these is a different world with a great many ferns and climbers. The under storey features young trees and shrubs, some of which are also found in rainforest. This is the park in which Ray and Elma Kearney documented a large number of fungi and found undescribed species. Fungi are ephemeral, sometimes they are there in large numbers, while at other times there are none. Hopefully we will see some fungi, which can be highly coloured, but there is no guarantee. It has been an unusually wet season, so we might be lucky.

Members and guests are best to arrive at 1.45pm ready to start the walk at 2pm on Saturday afternoon 24th April. This park is surrounded by housing, and some of the streets are narrow with little parking available. Hopefully there is adequate parking in Osbourne Road, just south of Second Avenue, where there is an entrance to the park’s walking tracks. Lane Cove Council cares for its bushland better than some councils and the tracks are well made.

Although Covid restrictions have eased, please book with Jennifer on 0407 456 577. We still need to have an accurate record of who attends.

Membership enquiries can be directed to Jennifer Farrer on the number provided.

We are open to guests who are free to decide if they choose to become members. We do have public liability insurance for these activities.

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