Term 1 is well underway and whilst our staff at Pacific Hills Christian School are enthusiastically teaching in their classrooms, they are looking forward to collaborating in 2020 with the parents and care givers of their students.

“We aim as a school, but also as a Christian community, to actively seek to partner with parents in the education, growth and development of their children – in all aspects of life”, said Lauren Graham, the Director of Wellbeing.

Home-School collaboration helps students to feel supported in all areas of their learning. For this to take place there needs to be clear and regular communication from both sides. When teachers know that parents are consciously involved in supporting their child’s education, and they’re willing to share whatever information may help to best teach their child, the task of knowing, understanding and teaching is much more effective.

Additionally, as the power of shared experiences and common end goals attest, when parents volunteer in classrooms or are willing to share their own gifts in service to both teachers and classes, the relationships between the parent, teacher and student only enrich and deepen even more.

“I have long appreciated the tradition that teachers employ, at the start of a new school year, of asking parents to write a letter or fill in a questionnaire about their child. Personally, I always take this opportunity to let my children’s new teachers know as much information as possible”, added Mrs Graham.