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Flynn Passing Down Skills

Community News
In 2019 at age 11, Flynn started hand sewing and thought he would like to explore further and asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. His grandmother, Jenny Koorey, was delighted as she is an avid sewer and quilter and, in the early 1990s, was one of the founders of…

FAB Fidgets

Community News
FAB Fidgets
Like many kids at the moment, 11-year-old Stella Thomson is obsessed with the latest craze going around – fidgets! FAB Fidgets Being ever persistent in asking her mum to buy her countless fidgets, she came up with the idea to start her own fidget business. After a little research, Stella’s…

News From History Cottage

Community News, History
Firstly History Cottage was with regret that the Society had to cancel the June Roughley Memorial Lecture set down for the 14th August. There was much interest in Mark Tedeschi’s talk on the Myall Creek Massacre. Fortunately, there will be an opportunity in the future to hear him speak. The…

How Can Exercise Help With Diabetes?

Community News, Health
Diabetes exercise
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease in which the body reaches a state of elevated fasting blood glucose due to not producing enough or responding normally to insulin. In type 1 diabetes the body’s immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. While type 2 diabetes happens…

Spring swim season Clean Your Pool

Community News, Home & Lifestyle
swim season
With the swim season nearly here, proper maintenance and care is important to maximise your enjoyment. Look around your pool area. Is it ready for the new season? How are the gate hinges? Does the gate self-latch itself closed without assistance? Is there any built-up debris around the base of…

Selling Property Sight Unseen Amid Covid-19

Community News, Home & Lifestyle
It’s no surprise that our property market is facing some challenges, but with the city in lockdown, agents have been looking at new and innovative ways to help their clients reach their goals – and the results are impressive. Belle Property’s Carolyn Wheatley has adapted to the situation and has…

Krazy about Kenthurst Ride

Community News, Cycling Series
2.5 HOURS 21KM The conurbation that is Greater Sydney, is intersected by multiple deep creeks and ocean inlet waterways which ebb and flow at the feet of a riddle of ridgelines. Kenthurst  Our ridges may not have high altitudes, but their steep, often sheer slopes form a unique topography, harbouring…

LYNNE’S LEGS – A Surprise Ending

Bushwalking, Community News
Contributed by Lynne Newey I was recommended this walk by a local shop-keeper who said it was a lovely walk with a pleasant surprise at the end. That sounded good to me, so off I went. I parked at the end of Ben Bullen Road and started my walk from…

Learning through Scholarship at Northholm Grammar

Community News, School News
At the heart of Northholm Grammar’s purpose is to create a culture of learning that encourages intellectual rigour, independent thinking and placing a high value on academic study and achievement. We want our students to be challenged and to cultivate a love of learning that will help them to develop…


Community News, School News
Contributed by Nicole Pattison – Principal (Relieving) Welcome back to Term 3. Although students are at home learning until July 30, teachers have prepared engaging and meaningful learning activities and we are proud to say that all students are completing tasks. We are hoping that we are back in the…

Special Needs School Now Enrolling Yrs 1-12

Community News, School News
Contributed by Craig Hingston New Hope School at Dural has announced it is now accepting enrolments for children from Year 1 through to Year 12. The School, which caters for children with moderate intellectual delay or Autism Spectrum Disorder, had been enrolling from Years 3-12 since its inception in 2015.…

Books in A Time of Need: School Library to Your Doorstep

Community News, School News
With Greater Sydney in lockdown and schools shifting to online learning, students at Galston High School have switched their schoolbooks for laptops and classrooms for Zoom calls. But one essential aspect of school is more challenging to substitute – the school library. To fill this gap, Galston High School’s library…

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