It is not every day that you see your teachers dressed as a kangaroo, a clown, or wearing a tutu and an affro wig. However, this was the sight that welcomed parents and students from Pacific Hills Christian School during the COVID-19 season of self-isolation and at-home learning.

The Middle School staff decided to turn what could have been an ordinary event – picking up home learning packs – into a fun activity to raise everyone’s spirits. The teachers, dressed in their most colourful and crazy costumes, danced along to music while handing out the packs to the passing convoy of cars.

“It was so good to see all our kids’ smiling faces. We had so many ‘thank yous’ from parents and even tears from a couple of mums! Some beautiful parents dropped PACIFIC HILLS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL DRIVE THROUGH WITH A DIFFERENCE! By Craig Hingston off chocolates and Krispy Kreme donuts. We had so much fun. We’re so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community full of care and joy”, said teacher Amity O’Connor.

One parent told them, “I was moved greatly by the loving care and attention to the resources packs which I delighted in collecting. So well organised, so generous and so much fun!”

Other parents said…

“How cool is it when your teacher dresses up as a kangaroo to hand you your remote learning pack!”

“We love our school community and our awesome teachers so much. Thankyou Year 5 teachers – you rock.”

“We are new to the school and were so happy to see the lengths that you go to! The Freddo Frog and paper aeroplanes made my son really smile. Thankyou.”

“It was excellent, I got emotional as I was so touched by these efforts.”

“We’re missing you and praying for you all.”