Origin of Suburb & Street Names

Where does your suburb name come from?

Did you know you can find the origins of each Hills suburb name on the Council website? The origin of some suburbs is as follows

Box Hill – This area takes its name from either a stand of box trees that were once in the area or the fact that in the 19th century there were hunting boxes built on the tops of hills in this area.

City people used to come to their country hunting boxes for a few days hunting and, perched on a hill, could aim at targets quite easily. One building has survived: ‘The Hunting Lodge, Box Hill’ thought to have been built by S.H. Terry on Governor Bligh’s ‘Copenhagen Farm’.

Baulkham Hills – William Joyce, the first settler in the Shire, was given a grant of 30 acres in 1794 near Old Windsor Road. Andrew McDougall, a settler from Buckholm Hills, County of Roxburgh in Scotland, was granted 150 acres in 1799, which he named “Roxburgh Place”. He was responsible for giving the district its present name as it reminded him of his homeland.

Castle Hill – Castle Hill may have been named because of the fine views from the hills in the district. Governor Phillip first saw the area on one of his exploratory trips in 1791. Governor King began a government farm there on July 8 1801, referring to it as Castle Hill on 1 March 1802. The farm of 34,539 acres ranged from West Pennant Hills to Maroota, although only a small portion was cultivated.

Castle Hill Heritage Park in Banks Road remains. Free settler Frenchman, Baron Vernicourt de Clambe, received a 200 acre grant in 1802. It has been suggested that de Clambe’s house “The Hermitage” located on the ridge may have been called ‘The Castle’ by locals.

Glenorie – Glenorie was originally known as North Dural. The first land grants were made in the 1820s. In April 1894 local residents offered the Colony’s Postmaster General two names: Hazeldene and Glenorie. The name Glenorie was accepted because it had the support of the local progress association. Glenorie was named after a town in Scotland.

A complete list of suburb origins in The Hills can be found on the Council website here
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