Offroad Cycling at Fagan Park

This jewel in the heart of semi-rural Galston offers both visitors and locals the perfect car-free environment to get acquainted with riding a mountain bicycle. It is also a safe place for children to ride their bicycles, as it is fully fenced and access controlled. No need to be a helicopter parent here. Enjoy your picnic and let the kids go and explore the forests, footpaths, feature gardens, playgrounds, lakes and the creek- on their bikes and on their own.

If you want more of a challenging 3-4km off-road ride- on the OUTSIDE of the fully-fenced perimeter of this extensive 55ha park- there are excellent single track paths, sweeping views to the Blue Mountains and some gnarly technical sections for novice mountain bikers to practise their bike-handling skills. All you have to do is follow the fence lines around the park when you turn either left or right out of the park gates at Carrs Road, or Arcadia Road.

Local families living in or near the village can cycle safely to Fagan Park on continuous paved footpath all the way from either MId-Dural Road, or along Galston Road, from Carters Road… If any more motivation is needed to get on your bikes, the peach tree blossoms around the Japanese Gardens are fabulous in Spring !

More Info:

Grade: Easy, suitable for novice mountain bicyclists & young children.

Distance & Time: 3-7km, 30minutes/circuit.

Trail Mix: Shared paved footpaths, perimeter single tracks shared with horses. Short, easy climbs.

Notes: Give way to pedestrians and equestrians. Cross Galston Road safely between Local Collective Café, and Vintage Pantry Cafe. Cross Arcadia Road opposite the main Park Entrance. If it has been raining, the perimeter trails get nice and muddy!

Facilities: Two Playgrounds, Toilets, BBQ’s, Heritage homestead, Eco Garden, Gardens of Nations, Coffee & snacks available on weekends.

Ride Map: Follow the author, Susanna Mills, on Strava, or study Google Maps to plan your circuit.


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